More and more athletes use Isagenix nutritional systems and supplements to increase energy, boost performance and help with recovery.

Athletes know performance is driven by more than just passion, discipline and training. To reach it’s highest potential, your body requires a complex balance of nutrients that boost lean muscle, energy and drive. And, Isagenix delivers on that. Professional athletes choose Isagenix not because of paid endorsements, but because they’ve done their own research, know they’re getting the highest-quality nutrition available and know what these products can do to boost their performance in a natural, safe and healthy way.

Below is a list of professional athletes and Olympic athletes who have chosen to use Isagenix. But first, a couple notes about the list: 1) Just because a person is mentioned does not necessarily mean they currently use or endorse everyone using Isagenix; and 2) The names on the list were compiled by the person either granting Isagenix permission to release their name or based upon information released into the public domain (i.e. a photograph, video, public statement, etc.). We are aware of many more professional athletes who are using Isagenix products, but have not granted permission to release the information to the broader public, so we have not included them on the list below. If you are aware of a professional athlete or Olympic athlete not included on the list, please let us know in the comments, but please make sure to include some form of proof. We will do our best to keep the list up-to-date.

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NFL (in alphabetical order)

Joe Andruzzi – Offensive Guard with Packers, Patriots (3x Superbowl Champion), Browns
Bryan Barker – Punter with Chiefs, Eagles, Jaguars, Redskins, Packers, Rams
JJ Birden – Wide Receiver with Browns, Cowboys, Chiefs, Falcons
Corey Dillon – Running Back with Bengals, Patriots (Superbowl Champion)
Bert Emanuel – Wide Receiver with Falcons, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Patriots, Lions
Willie Gault – Wide Receiver with Bears (Superbowl Champion), Raiders (and an Olympian)
Kahlil Hill – Wide Receiver with Falcons and CFL Teams
T.J. Hill – Linebacker with Giants and CFL Teams
Jimmy Hitchcock – Cornerback with Patriots, Vikings, Panthers
Daryl Johnston – Fullback with Dallas Cowboys (3x Superbowl Champion)
Linden King – Linebacker with Chargers, Raiders
Ray Lewis – Linebacker with Ravens (2x Superbowl Champion)
Tony Mandarich – Offensive Tackle with Packers, Colts
Leonard Marshall – Defensive End with Giants (2x Superbowl Champion), Jets, Redskins
Jamir Miller – Linebacker with Cardinals, Browns
Kory Minor – Linebacker with Panthers
Tracy Porter – Cornerback with Saints (Superbowl Champion), Broncos, Raiders, Redskins
Aaron Rodgers – Quarterback with Packers (Superbowl Champion)
Johnny Rodgers – Running Back with Chargers, Heisman Trophy Winner
Martin Rucker – Tight End with Browns, Eagles, Cowboys, Jaguars, Chiefs
Emmitt Smith – Running Back with Cowboys (3x Superbowl Champion), Cardinals
Roy Williams – Safety with Cowboys, Bengals

NBA (in alphabetical order)

Craig Ehlo – Guard with Rockets, Cavaliers, Hawks, SuperSonics
A.C. Green – Forward with Lakers (3X NBA Champion), Suns, Mavericks, Heat
Hersey Hawkins – Guard with 76ers, Hornets, SuperSonics, Bulls
Dan Majerle – Guard/Forward with Suns, Cavaliers, Heat
Jim Petersen – Forward/Center with Rockets, Kings, Warriors

MLB (in alphabetical order)

Jeremy Affeldt – Pitcher with Royals, Rockies, Reds, Giants (3x World Series Champion)
John Darjean – Outfielder with Yankees
Jeff Fassero – Pitcher with Many Teams
Jerry Hairston Jr – Infielder/Outfielder with Many Teams, World Series Champion

NHL (in alphabetical order)

Sidney Crosby – Center with Penguins, Stanley Cup Champion
Mike Modano – Center with Stars, Red Wings, Stanley Cup Champion

PGA Tour (in alphabetical order)

Matt Atkins – Tour
Rickie Fowler
Andrew Yun – Tour

Olympians (in alphabetical order)

Dottie Brownsberger – USA Track and Field, Gold Medalist
Natalie Cook – Australian Beach Volleyball, Gold Medalist
Michelle Despain Hoeger – USA Luge
Jana Pittman – Australian Track and Field, Australian Bobsleigh

Boxing / Martial Arts (in alphabetical order)

Isaiah “The Beast” Chapman – MMA Fighter
Billy Dib – Boxer, IBF Featherweight Champion, IBO Super Featherweight Champion
Mark Inge – MMA Fighter
Stipe Miocic – UFC

Fitness Competitors and Other Sports (in alphabetical order)

Luis Alvarez – Ironman, Completed 100+ Ironman Triathlons
Paul Anthony – 2002 World Natural Bodybuilding Champion
Curtis Dublanko – Canadian Football League
Matt Dunning – Professional Australian Rugby, Qantas Wallabies
Cole Durrant – Australian Professional Volleyball Player
Patricia Guerra – Professional Open Water Swimmer
Lori Harder – 2010 Ms. Figure America, 2010 Ms. Bikini America, 2010 Ms. Bikini Universe
Sy Moran – Professional Snowboarder
Angelike Norrie – 2008 Ms. Bikini America
Michael Parker – WBFF Pro
Whitney Pavlik – Pro Beach Volleyball, AVP
Valerie Pawlowski – World Kettlebell Lifting Champion
Karim Rasool – Powerlifting, 2011 USPA Deadlift Champion
Molly Sheridan – Ultra-Marathon Runner, La Ultra, Badwater, Marathon des Sables
Stacie Venagro – 2012 Fitness America World Champion
Lisa Wolny – WBFF Pro

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