Checking-in to 24-Hour Fitness last week, a small brochure caught the corner of my eye. The cover read, “24 Tips to Get the Most from Every Moment.” After reading through it, I am compelled to share the tips it offered because I found them to be great advice for anyone seeking to better themselves. Just remember, strive for progress not perfection. Here are 24 tips you can use to achieve your New Year Resolutions this next year:

Tip 1: Choose To Change

The first step to getting somewhere is deciding that you are not going to stay where you are. Take a good look, be compassionate about how you got there, then turn your focus to where you want to go.

Tip 2: Celebrate Small Wins

Dedicate five minutes each day to keeping notes about your body — track measurements if that motivates you, keep a food journal or workout log, or jot sweet notes about what great things your body accomplished that day. Reflecting on small, daily victories will help you build tangible momentum.

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Tip 3: Detox Your Thoughts

Just as it’s important to cleanse our bodies and de-clutter our homes, our minds require maintenance. Our unconscious is always buzzing with thoughts that either help us or drag us down. Spending time in silence and meditation can train awareness, enhance our ability to listen and help us focus on what matters.

Tip 4: Get Curious

We live in our bodies, but there is so much we don’t know about how they work and why. Follow your curiosity. When you take the time to feel, think and observe the way you’re living your life, you’ll find the energy and knowledge to change your habits for the better.

Tip 5: Bend Time

Taking time to be present and experience the moment, the day and everything around us brings perspective and a new approach to life management. Suddenly, our “should” list becomes our “want to do” list. And believe it or not, we can find time to do everything we want to do.

Tip 6: Take Your Own Pulse

A Google search on health and fitness shows a growing number of questions — and answers — for anyone pursuing a better life. Yet, some things are too personal for science to be useful. Take a moment to tune in to what your body and mind are saying. You know more than you think.

Tip 7: Break Up With Stress

Adding stress to a stressed out body makes it weaker, not stronger. How we deal with stress is often a learned choice, but new findings in the field of neuroscience prove that it can and will shape our biology if we don’t pay attention to addressing it.

Tip 8: Disconnect To Reconnect

We live in a time when technology rules our lives, keeping us connected all day and all night and ultimately interfering with our productivity and happiness. We must build in our down-time and set aside moments to reconnect.

Tip 9: Snooze More

Research has proven that sleep is key for improved performance in every area of our lives. In contrast, chronic sleep deprivation impacts every health and fitness biomarker and has destructive results on our ability to live our best life. Your body and mind will thank you when you sleep to your heart’s content.

Tip 10: Breathe In

Shallow or hurried respiration is a learned habit, like posture — it is often abused and neglected for years without consequence. Taking time to retrain your breathing is a simple habit with a profound effect, on your mood, energy, health and performance.

Tip 11: Play It Forward

Just like a healthy diet, we need variety in our day. Taking time for life’s simple pleasures, whether that’s music or a walk or coffee with a friend who leaves us in hysterics, adds vital energy to our day, refreshes our nervous system and truly brings life to life.

Tip 12: Light The Way

Spending time in nature is one of the most effective ways to increase our dosage of Vitamin D and improve our outlook on the world. By increasing our time spent breathing fresh air and soaking up sunlight, we enhance our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Startlight counts, too.

Tip 13: Go Whole Hog

Food is meant to provide energy and direct your body’s functions. Unfortunately, too much food today is a cocktail of chemicals our bodies can’t easily process. So, choose your food carefully and eat whole foods whenever you can.

Tip 14: Find Your Fuel

From our fingerprints to our organ shape and size, our bodies are unique in almost every way. No one diet or exercise program fits all, and yet there are best practices that, fine-tuned over time, can optimize results for your body’s needs.

Tip 15: Let It Flow

Water constitutes more than two-thirds of our body weight and it is critical to every bodily function. It doesn’t take much effort to improve hydration, especially when you begin to recognize your body’s messages, such as dry skin, headaches and hunger as well as thirst.

Tip 16: Mix It Up

What you eat matters as well as how much, when and how you eat. Mixing up macro-nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) to match the demands on your body is key to optimizing performance and metabolism. Variety in micro-nutrients enables your body to produce enzymes and hormones for healthy growth.

Tip 17: Kick The Sugar Habit

More and more medical, nutritional and health professionals are agreeing that our bodies cannot properly use and metabolize all of the sugar in our diets. It’s time to look to other natural great-tasting foods to sweeten up our lives.

Tip 18: Make It Super

While there is no legal or medical definition, “superfoods” tend to be nutrient-dense foods high in antioxidants, polyphenols vitamins and minerals. Superfoods may or may not help you live longer, but they do have more energy in every bite, which matters when you are working to get your body in peak performance.

Tip 19: Move Daily

Our bodies are meant to move. Often. And while it’s great to show up at the gym, what’s more critical is that we move for at least 30 minutes out of every day. Need a reason? Try increased energy, circulation, ability to focus, digestion and improved health and fitness, to name a few.

Tip 20: Find A New Groove

Our bodies crave variety. It’s better for our muscles, our bones and our brains. In fact, recent findings in neuroscience show that we can change our brain by simply adding a new challenge to our lives. Time to bust out of that safe zone and try something new.

Tip 21: Stand Up

Too much sitting is not a friend to our posture, health or fitness goals. Seriously, too much sitting can lead to all kinds of health issues. Remind yourself to take a posture break every day — get away from your desk, chair or screen to move about, stretch a bit and release physical tension.

Tip 22: Stretch Your Body

Flexibility and mobility are critical survival skills in our lives, and even more for our bodies. Build time into your workout to warm up, stretch and focus on your freedom of motion. Simple daily practices are the key to long-term success.

Tip 23: Challenge Your Muscles

We are not born strong. We grow strong as a result of the challenges we overcome. Strength requires that we show up consistently and put our bodies through the rhythms of resistance. The rewards are immense from improved physical appearance to performance, bone density and self-efficacy.

Tip 24: Put One Foot Forward

It’s easy to let a fear of failing get in the way of trying. But to achieve a new way of living, the best advice is simply begin. Start with one habit at a time and stick with it, get support and gain momentum towards where you want to go. Everything else will follow.

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