Isagenix just announced the release of their next seasonal IsaLean Shake flavor — Eggnog IsaLean Shake.

Just in time for the holiday season, Eggnog IsaLean Shake is the perfect way to ring in the season with a traditional winter flavor. The new Eggnog flavor is deliciously creamy and sweet with a hint of spice — the perfect blend of cinnamon and nutmeg. If you start celebrating the holidays as soon as eggnog hits store shelves, this is the IsaLean Shake for you!

In September, we announced with the release of Pumpkin Spice IsaLean Shake how Isagenix plans to release new seasonal flavors throughout the year. These are flavors only offered for a limited time in the US and Canada. And in fact, they’re only offered for a very, very limited time because they sell out extremely fast — usually on the same day they’re released. So when a new seasonal flavor pops up that you want to try, you have to act right away.

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Eggnog IsaLean Shake can only be purchased as a wholesale order in the US or Canada, so you cannot purchase the flavor at retail or add the flavor to your Autoship. This seasonal flavor also cannot be added to any systems or paks. Eggnong IsaLean Shake cannot be purchased in Australia or any other country aside from the US and Canada. The Eggnog flavor is only available in canisters — it is not available in individual packets. The pricing for Eggnog IsaLean Shake is the same as the standard flavors — $39.95 per canister in the US and $44.95 per canister in Canada. To help everyone have a chance to enjoy this holiday favorite, Isagenix has also limited purchases to five canisters per individual.

To purchase Eggnog IsaLean Shake, log into your Back Office and select the green “Place Order” button. Or, if you’re placing orders on-the-go, you can use the new IsaOrder app from your smartphone. If you’re not yet enjoying the discounts of membership pricing, learn more about how you can join as a member and start saving on all your favorite Isagenix products.

Remember, these seasonal flavors go fast so add Eggnog IsaLean Shake to your holiday shopping list today.

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