Isagenix Whey Days are a variation to the popular Isagenix Cleanse Days — both of which revolve around the use of Isagenix products. While relatively new, Isagenix Whey Days are already showing several benefits, especially with regard to breaking through weight loss plateaus.

The Background…

Cleanse Days were designed by Isagenix and form part of the foundation to their nutritional cleansing program. Cleanse Days have been practiced by hundreds of thousands of people over the course of more than a decade and have been clinically studied by independent researchers and scientists.

Isagenix Whey Days, on the other hand, are a new concept developed independent of Isagenix by an Isagenix product user, Dr. Ted Brooks. According to Dr. Brooks, both his wife and he were experiencing a plateau in their weight loss journey and decided to modify a part of their Isagenix program into what they ultimately would coin “Isagenix Whey Days”. Dr. Brooks, aware of the scientific research supporting the use of additional protein to help bust through weight loss plateaus (including the Bedtime Belly Buster), decided to structure an entire day around consuming protein. Both Dr. Brooks and his wife experienced success with the modifications and since then many others in the Isagenix community have as well.

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Isagenix is aware of Isagenix Whey Days, but cannot officially endorse the concept as it has not studied the effects of an Isagenix Whey Day and cannot with certainty state the benefits. So, the official recommendation from Isagenix at this time is to follow their published guidelines for Cleanse Days and Shake Days. However, while the company is not officially endorsing the concept, it is also not asking people to stop the practice or to stop posting their results. My assumption is Isagenix will continue to monitor the results and decide whether it should devote resources to studying the concept further.

How Does An Isagenix Whey Day Work…?

During the course of an Isagenix Whey Day, you will consume 94g of undenatured whey protein in the form of IsaPro and between 510 to 560 calories (depending upon the product flavor options you select).

Here is how to structure an Isagenix Whey Day:

Breakfast – Blend 2 scoops of Isagenix’s IsaPro (36g of protein) with water.

Mid-Morning – Eat 2 Isagenix Snacks and drink 2 glasses of cold water.

Lunch – Blend 1 scoop of Isagenix’s IsaPro (18g of protein) with water.

Mid-Afternoon – Eat 2 Isagenix Snacks and drink 2 glasses of cold water.

Dinner – Blend 2 scoops of Isagenix’s IsaPro (36g of protein) with water.

To add flavor to the IsaPro, Hydrate is recommended.

A Couple More Notes About Isagenix Whey Days…

You never want to do more than 2 Isagenix Whey Days in a row and you should also not do Isagenix Whey Days as an addition to Cleanse Days.

You should also continue to take the Isagenix support products, including Natural Accelerators, IsaFlush, and Ionix Supreme.

And finally, based upon personal experience and the testimonials of others, I would recommend allowing your body to adapt to consuming IsaPro if you have not used it before by taking it in smaller quantities before starting a Whey Day. You may not have the same experience, but consuming higher quantities of IsaPro can lead to gas for some people due to higher amounts of highly-concentrated whey protein.

If you’ve tried an Isagenix Whey Day, please share your experience and results in the comments below!

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