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IsaLean Pro Shake French Vanilla from Isagenix is the ultimate combination of nutrition and protein in a single complete meal replacement shake. Our IsaLean Pro Shake combines the nutrient-packed power of the IsaLean Shake – clinically studied for weight loss and optimal health – with IsaPro, the protein powerhouse for the weight-conscious and athletes. Formulated with a perfect balance of high-quality protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates along with a broad performance spectrum of vitamins and minerals, we have no doubt that IsaLean Pro is the best meal replacement shake on the market today.

IsaLean Pro Shake French Vanilla serves you a massive 35 grams of the highest-quality undenatured whey and casein protein. Isagenix sources all of our protein from “Cheerful Certified,” free-grazing New Zealand dairy cows that are milked according to season, live in conditions exceeding USDA organic standards, and are not given hormones or antibiotics. Utilizing Isagenix’s proprietary technology to extract the protein from the milk in a low-heat process, our ultra-filtered whey protein maintains its undenatured state, yielding protein that is as clean as possible from impurities and with an ideal amino acid profile. Our protein has lower lactose levels, promoting easy digestibility, and is high in branched-chain amino acids, making our protein more effective.

The IsaLean Pro Shake from Isagenix towers above the competition in the quality and nutrition it provides. Most other manufacturers with shakes on the market look to cut costs by delivering about half as much protein as the 35 grams in the IsaLean Pro Shake and the primary protein in their shakes is often soy protein isolate, which scientific studies show as not being as effective or beneficial for fat burning or lean muscle growth as whey protein. In order to trigger a protein synthesis response, you need at least 20 grams and a protein high in branched-chain amino acids, which are highest in whey protein. You can also depend on our Quality Assurance Department to deliver the highest-quality whey protein available and test all of the ingredients for potency, amino acid profile, microbial content, pesticides and heavy metals to ensure our product is the purest and safest possible. IsaLean Pro does not use artificial ingredients nor does Isagenix use sucralose or other mixing agents. We also only require that our IsaLean Pro be mixed with water, whereas, most other shakes require milk to be a suitable meal replacement shake.

Isagenix’s IsaLean Pro Shake is for everyone whether you’re an athlete wanting to build more lean muscle or a weight-conscious individual looking to burn more fat. The high concentration of whey protein is ideal for athletes to help repair and grow muscles after every workout and the quality of the whey you’re putting into your body cannot be beat by any other brand. You’ll also be supplying your body with other vital nutrition to replenish and refuel. Scientific studies also show an increase in consumption of whey protein for individuals who have hit a “weight loss plateau” can help reduce appetite and increase fat-burning to move the scale in the right direction again, while retaining lean muscle mass. The benefits of IsaLean Pro may include: enhanced satiety, increased metabolism and fat-burning, key antioxidants to help your body fight oxidative stress, and a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids scientifically proven to show increased muscle growth and strength when consumed immediately after a workout.

Isagenix’s IsaLean Pro Shake French Vanilla is conveniently available in single-serving packets to take with you everywhere you go – on a family vacation, business trip, or to competition. Just add water, maybe some ice, and you have the perfect, nutritionally-balanced, protein-packed meal replacement supplement. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or perform sports at your peak, IsaLean Pro will help you reach your goal.

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